An international femxle and non-binary company that highly values a diverse portrayal of womxn and humans in the arts.

New Match Collective’s goal is simple: to tell stories about people, with womxn and gender queer performers, for everyone. Voice the voiceless. Hear the unheard. See the unseen.

This is a mission we do not take lightly. We do our research to understand where the stories we’re telling come from and we bring the people in the room and to the stage whose story it is to tell. We do not stand for injustice in the form of racism, homophobia, ableism, etc. and we are not associated with companies or performers in the community who have demonstrated these traits in their work or personal life.

We are proud to associate our company with The Theater Arts School of San Diego, where New Match Collective currently produces, directs, and acts in residency. We also work with Amplified Ale Works to perform Boozin' With The Bard. These are our only formal partnerships, and we are thankful to Courtney Corey, owner of TAS+SD, to allow us a safe space to tell our stories.

Our Board of Directors includes Alyssa Salter: CEO & Artistic Director, Ell Rudgers: Chief Financial Officer, Jasmin Haddad: Secretary.

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