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About Us

Our Story...

New Match Collective was founded out of the work-shopping process for the London Camden Fringe 2016. New Match Collective rellocated to San Diego in 2016 and is a 501 (c) 3 California Non-Profit.

The goal of the company was simple:  Voice the voiceless. Hear the unheard. See the unseen.

What does marginalized gender mean? Our language here is consantly evolving as we aim to remain inclusive.


A marginalized gender ​is a group of identities who have been opressed. This includes several groups, including the following:

  • Assigned Male At Birth (AMAB) Non-Binary

  • Assigned Female At Birth (AFAB) Non-Binary

  • Trans Women

  • Cis Women

  • Trans men

These groups are who we put an emphasis on with our staff and performers, but the audience is open to all. We want you to experience the stories we are telling. We also like to place an emphasis on diversity, inclusivity, and honesty. 

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